Hospital Beds with Integrated Load Cells for Patient Weighing

Load Cell Transducer Application Spotlight - Medical - Hospital beds with integrated patient weighing

Hospital Beds with Integrated Load Cells for Patient Weighing

Hospital beds are becoming increasingly smarter, with a wide range of integrated features that enhance comfort and safety for patients and staff and assist in patient monitoring. As weight changes are an important parameter of a patient’s condition, the ability to constantly weigh a bedbound patient is highly valuable.


The challenge

One of VPG Transducer’s long-term partners, a developer of specialized medical beds, wanted to integrate a system for monitoring patient weight in its new bed design. The system had to be extremely accurate while having a high tolerance to movement, as patients are frequently moved around the hospital in their beds. It required built-in communication to enable weight data to be logged into the patient records. Of course, patient safety is paramount, and so the system must be protected from electrical surges, moisture and other risks.

The solution: VPG Transducers load cells for accurate in-bed weighing

VPG Transducers developed a two-part solution that combines load cells, for weighing, and a junction box, for electrical protection and communication.


For the load cells, VPG Transducers’ Tedea-Huntleigh Single-Ended Shear Beam Model 3410 was selected. Four load cells were installed to provide accurate measurements across the entire bed. The Model 3410 was selected because of its exceptional shock and side-load tolerance – vital for equipment that needs to remain accurate while being moved. Furthermore, the model’s nickel plating and environmental sealing assures long-term reliability.


VPG Transducers’ Revere Digital Junction Box Model VTSJB-4 receives the measurement data from the load cells. It is housed in a protective, compact casing and features integrated surge protection that prevents the load cells shorting if exposed to an electrical overload. The VTSJB-4 provides the communication functionality of the integrated weighing system. The VTSJB-4 is capable of sampling, digitizing and processing four load cells simultaneously. It feeds this information back to the AH indicator/controller.


Using this VPG Transducers solution, hospital bed developers can offer precise patient weight monitoring capabilities built into their advanced hospital beds.


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