Product Gallery – VPG’s Star Products

The Model 60001 is a tension-compression load cell with a humidity-resistant coating and shielded cables, which enable its use in harsh environments while maintaining operating specifications
The Model HPS is a unique fully welded all stainless steel single point (moment insensitive) load cell. This product is suitable for low capacity platform scales, multi-head packaging machines, check weighers, loss-in-weight feeders, belt scales, and general process weighing applications
The RLC is a low profile, high performance stainless steel ring torsion type load cell. The fully welded construction and glass-to-metal cable-entry ensure that the RLC can be used successfully in harsh environments found in the food, chemical and allied process industries
The Model 9010 is a self-contained weighing module for use in repeated shock-loading applications or where fast weighing and settling times are required, such as multiheaded weighers, check weighers and other static and dynamic weighing applications characterized by sudden or impact loading
The Model 1042 is a low profile single-point load cell designed for direct mounting in weighing platforms. It’s small physical size, combined with high accuracy and low cost, makes this load cell ideally suited for retail, bench and counting scales
The Model 65058S is specifically designed to be installed in demanding environments. It is specially suitable for the food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries
The Model 65023 is a low profile shear beam load cell designed for high accuracy platform scales, pallet scales and process weighing applications
The Model 355 is a welded bending load cell manufactured in stainless steel. Hermetically sealed against moisture, the Model 355’s construction and polyurethane shielded cable enables the load cell to function in demanding environments while maintaining its operating specifications
The Model 65083 is a low profile and fully welded sealing. It provides the weighing industry with Its low profile and fully welded sealing, combined with high accuracy, makes this load cell ideally suited for low profile platforms, pallet truck weighers, tanks and silos