Are you ready for the new Brexit regulatory requirements?

VPG applications for hazardous environments are now UK CA certified

VPG applications for hazardous environments are now UK CA certified

The implications of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, or Brexit, are colossal. Although much of the media focus has been on trade agreements and border crossings, another area where Brexit has had a significant impact is regulation.


Most countries have independent regulatory bodies that set requirements and issue standards for all products that enter their market, as noted in the table below. Accredited certification bodies work under each regulatory body to ensure that all products meet the country’s legal requirements and comply with the specific directives for each application. They then issue certification for the products that meet the requirements.


Country Regulatory body

United States:

Canada SCC
Members of the European Union: European Commission (CE)


Although the UK officially left the EU over a year ago, regulatory transitions are being made more gradually in order to give businesses time to adapt. However, many of the deadlines are rapidly approaching. For example, beginning January 1, 2023, the UK will no longer accept the EU’s CE ATEX certification for equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Instead, businesses operating or selling in the UK will be required to hold the UK CA certification for potentially explosive atmospheres and/or hazardous locations.


VPG Force Sensors is committed to helping its customers comply with the new regulations. Therefore, we have already secured UK CA certification for load cells used in applications in potentially explosive atmospheres such as gas container filling systems, chemical plants, and powder handling operations. This means VPG customers operating or selling in the UK can continue their operations without worry or hassle ahead of the January 1st transition. With VPG Force Sensors, they remain compliant and can even open new opportunities in the UK market.


As one of the first load cell makers to obtain UK CA certification, we are ready and able to help you through this regulatory transition.


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